Tuesday, 5 April 2011

We have saved ANZAC Park

After five months of defending ANZAC Park, Toowong, the Toowong RSL and Friends of ANZAC Park have just been advised that BCC has decided "not to pursue either of the options in Anzac Park." We have saved the park. Thank you for your support!

We Shall Keep The Faith

Oh ! you who sleep in Flanders fields,
Sleep sweet - to rise anew,
We caught the torch you threw,
And holding high we kept,
The faith with those who died,
We cherish too, the poppy red,
That grows on fields where valour led.

It seems to signal to the skies,
That blood of heroes never dies,
But lends a lustre to the red,
Of the flower that blooms above the dead,
In Flanders fields.

And now the torch and poppy red,
Wear in honour of our dead,
Fear not that ye have died for naught,
We've learned the lesson that you taught,
In Flanders field.

Reply to 'Flanders Fields' by Moira Michael

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

If ye break faith with us who die

Media: The Courier-Mail 'Legacy of Diggers worth fighting for' Matthew Condon, March 18, 2011

CAN'T DO: Protestors say Campbell Newman and Graham Quirk should rethink plans to put a workmen's carpark at the Anzac Memorial Park in Toowong. Source: The Courier-Mail

Take the link the the article HERE
'Last weekend, the Toowong RSL sub-branch voted unanimously against the carpark. And, just like his forebears, sub-branch president Kerry Gallagher is mounting "vigorous protest" at the proposals...
"There's a high degree of hypocrisy here," Gallagher says. "On one hand we're calling it Legacy Way, we're naming it after the widows and widowers of service personnel who have passed away overseas, and yet we trash their memory by parking on top of their symbolic burial ground."..."If on one hand we rip up the spiritual burial ground of dead veterans and park on top of it, and we do that because it's cheaper, then why don't we get rid of the name Legacy Way as well?" Gallagher says..."Why not just say we don't care for the historical significance of this piece of turf, it's all about dollars, we've got to do it and that's the bottom line? But don't do that and in the same breath try to commemorate the image of Legacy and what it stands for."

And mayors and councillors need to understand that there are things you can do and things you can't.
Anzac War Memorial Park at Toowong being turned into a carpark? Can't do.'

At present

BCC have stated that they will decide which one of the five options will be selected and proposed to the Coordinator-General in an Application for evaluation of environmental effects of proposed change soon. We now wait to be advised on which option has been selected. Under the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 when this document is lodged with the Coordinator-General and the public notice decision is made, the community will have three weeks in which to make 'properly made submissions' to the Coordinator-General offering our thoughts on the proposed site for the parking plan. We completely object to the idea and plans to locate a workforce car park within ANZAC Park. Please visit this blog for further updates.

Toowong RSL Bumper stickers - available soon

Write to the Editor of The Courier-Mail and Westside News

Take the link to The Courier-Mail HERE

Write to the Editor of Westside News HERE

In Flanders Fields

Squadron Leader

Photo: BMH Palmer RG Menzies PM August 1940 Archerfield Brisbane Formation ex Amberley

Statement of Squadron Leader BEAUFORT MOSMAN HUNTER PALMER

"I wish to confirm that I was born at ‘DovercourtToowong in 1919 and have had a close association with ANZAC War Memorial Park since I was a small child.

I have been aware all of my life that this War Memorial Park contains a sacred avenue of palms and other trees specifically planted as memorials to individuals Servicemen who were killed at Gallipoli and in France. All of the trees bore official brass plaques with the names, serial numbers and unit badges. I am also aware that many returned servicemen’s families have placed the ashes of their loved ones in this park in good faith over many decades as a continuing practice.

It is appalling to contemplate any desecration of this sacred ground in ANZAC War Memorial Park Toowong."

Read the statement HERE

Photo: SL BMH Palmer DFC & FO Ted Reynolds December 1944 PIVA Strip Bougainville

BCC returns to the community with 2 options

On 8 - 18 March 2011 BCC held Workforce Parking Community Consultation Sessions and presented 5 Options they had selected for the Legacy Way Parking Plan. We found that there were now 2 Options to locate the construction workforce car park within ANZAC Memorial Park. Northern Link Newsroom HERE
Option 5 – Anzac Park North HERE

ANZAC Park Toowong understood to be the first

ANZAC PARK - TOOWONG - TO THE EDITOR. Sir - Soon after the outbreak of the big war Mr. Walter C. Harding, solicitor, initiated the idea of planting trees in Anzac Park, Toowong, the first place in the world to bear that historic title, it is understood. This he did at his own expense, and at the present time over 3000 trees have been planted, 1600 of which are in memory of fallen sailors and soldiers. The only charge made to the persons who desire a tree planted in memory of a soldier “gone west’ is for the plate which bears the battalion colours, rank, name, unit, date of enlistment, and date and place of death, the cost of such plates ranging from 2/ to 3/6...(The Brisbane Courier, Monday 27 January 1919, page 5.)

Toowong Ward

The Councillor for Toowong is Cr Peter Matic who holds the title of Chairman of Environment, Parks & Sustainability, and the post Brisbane flood title of Chairman, Environmental Recovery Sub-Committee. Contact Cr Matic HERE

The Toowong Ward comprises the suburbs of Toowong, Auchenflower, Milton and parts of Bardon, Brisbane, Kelvin Grove, Mt Coot-tha, Paddington, Red Hill and Taringa.

The Lord Mayor names the tunnel Legacy Way - 10 November 2010

'New Brisbane tunnel named Legacy Way'
NewsOnABC on Nov 10, 2010
"Brisbane's Northern Link tunnel will be known as Legacy Way and Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has pledged one cent of every toll will go to defence force charity group Legacy." Take the link to watch the ABC TV segment HERE or the online article HERE

The tunnel project was named 'Legacy Way' and at the same time there was a BCC proposal lodged with the Coordinator-General to locate a construction workforce car park within ANZAC Memorial Park.


MEDIA: Westside News 'Anzac anger on park plan' 10 November 2010

'ON the eve of Remembrance Day, community anger is growing over a Brisbane City Council plan to turn part of Anzac Park, Toowong, into a carpark.' Read the full article by taking the link HERE

Avenues of Honour Project

Anzac Park Toowong is listed on the Avenues of Honour Research Report produced for the National 2015 Avenues of Honour Project, Brisbane City Council 2007. The project, which is a national initiative aims to honour the memory of every individual who has made the supreme sacrifice on behalf of all Australians. TREENET intends to do this by documenting, preserving and reinstating the original tree plantings and establishing new Avenues of Honour by the Centenary of Anzac in 2015. Page 7 of the Report mentions ANZAC Park, Wool Street HERE
Photo 1967 - Avenues of trees planted in ANZAC Park, Wool Street, to commemorate soldiers and sailors. By 1919 there were 1600 memorial trees planted and plates once sat at the base of each tree which noted the battalion colours, rank, name, unit, date of enlistment, and date and place of death, in memory of the fallen soldier or sailor.

Florence Doreen Hamilton (nee Savage) (b. 1920) standing beside her uncle’s (A.K. Savage, killed Gallipoli) memorial palm ANZAC War Memorial Park, Wool St, Toowong.

Read the Statutory Declaration of Mrs Campbell HERE

ANZAC Park is listed on the BCC Heritage Register

BCC Heritage Register - Schedule 1 Heritage places and heritage precincts of cultural heritage significance Anzac Park 170 Mt Coot–tha Rd, Toowong, Lot 1 (part) RP18899 01/01/2004 HERE

ANZAC Park was listed because the park satisfied the criteria for entry: as a 19th century cemetery reserve, then early 20th century rifle range and after the Great War a memorial park, it is important in demonstrating the evolution or pattern of the City’s or local area’s history; and an extensive area of undulating parkland including open eucalypt forest, distinctive plantings of pines, palms and ornamentals with a scatter of picnic areas and landscape features, it is important because of its aesthetic significance; and as a place of informal recreation since the early 20th century, it has a strong or special association with the life or work of a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons; and as a place for remembering the fallen from the district in the Great War, it has a strong or special association with the life or work of a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons.

Monday, 28 March 2011

October 2010

BCC's first proposal in October 2010 to locate a construction workforce car park within ANZAC Memorial Park, Toowong, was a response to the State Government Coordinator-General’s Imposed Condition for the tunnel project, 18(k) The construction workforce must not park in local streets. A dedicated and adequate construction workforce off-street parking area must be provided. All construction workforce vehicles must be directed to project construction workforce car parks. To avoid construction workforce car parking in local streets, shuttle transport between construction workforce car parks distant from a construction area must be provided for the duration of the period the construction area is in use.

On 16 December 2010 the State Government’s Coordinator-General refused the proposal for the car park, stating in the Coordinator-Generals report on project changes, “further consideration of alternate locations is required in order to understand if locating parking elsewhere would reduce disturbance to the community while providing a workable solution for the project.” The document can be found  HERE

The community's response to the first proposal was clear - One hundred and twenty-nine submissions were received on the construction workforce parking proposal. A petition was also tabled to Parliament, with 591 signatories. Key issues raised in submissions included: - increased traffic from construction workers’ vehicles posing an unacceptable risk to public safety, particularly children accessing play areas and amenities; Council should undertake a risk assessment of the temporary workforce car park; traffic and speed issues and associated risk to users of the park for recreation and exercise; cyclist safety; noise from construction workers; construction workers should use public transport; consideration should be given to alternative sites; slope of the land not suitable for a car park; impacts on flora and fauna, in particular loss of large mature trees; lack of community consultation; loss of park space for four years; contaminated land; impact on aesthetic and social amenity of the park; inconsistency with planning codes and the EIS; heritage issues- the park is a memorial to fallen soldiers from the Great War.

On 10 December 2010 before the refusal, 24 local Applicants had filed in the Supreme Court of Queensland an application for injunctions in relation to the proper processes to be followed under the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971.

BCC's first proposal in the Application for project change can be found HERE

Sadly BCC returned in February 2011 with not one but two options to locate the construction workforce car park in ANZAC Park - please read further post above 'BCC returns to the community with 2 options'.

Transcity Consortium

Transcity consortium is the contractor appointed by BCC to design, build and operate 'Legacy Way', an integrated team comprising Brisbane based BMD Constructions, Italian company Ghella and Spanish company Acciona. This team will be supplemented by a number of locally based specialist companies.

'LEGACY WAY' formerly known as 'Northern Link Road Tunnel Project'

Legacy Way (formerly Northern Link Road Tunnel) is a five kilometre underground toll road linking the Western Freeway adjacent to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens at Toowong with the Inner City Bypass at Kelvin Grove. The Brisbane City Council is the proponent for the project. Brisbane City Council has appointed the Transcity consortium as the successful contractor to design, build and operate Legacy Way. Construction is about to begin.
Visit the Northern Link website HERE